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Trevor Cahill learns just how far it is to first base, gets thrown out from right field

Watch Trevor Cahill get thrown out from right field

There was a moment during the first game of Tuesday's Cubs-Pirates doubleheader when it looked like Trevor Cahill had recorded his second hit of the season, and first as a Cub. He lined a pitch from Gerrit Cole into right field, which in normal circumstances would be good for a leadoff single.

But then, the basepath seemed to grow exponentially:


Gregory Polanco promptly fired to first, and Cahill was retired on the rare 9-3 putout. Rare, as in it happened fewer than 20 times between 2000 and the first part of 2014 -- though, to be fair to Cahill, it is usually pitchers who fall victim.

When Jung Ho Kang singled to leadoff the next frame for the Pirates, Cubs right fielder Chris Coghlan tried to enact retribution. But this time, Kang was about as safe as Cahill had been out. 


This proves that no matter how easy the pros make it look, even for some professional baseball players, it is a loooong 90 feet to first. And for any amateurs who still thought they could beat out a routine ground ball if they made contact, well, good luck.

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