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Guess which two MLB stadiums were among the top 10 tagged locations on Instagram in 2014

Two MLB stadiums among top tagged places on Instagram

Of all the places where the good people of planet Earth took Instagram photos this past year and geo-tagged the posts, two of the top 10 most popular were MLB stadiums.

We'll give you two guesses as to which. We'll give you three hints, too, not that you need them:

Hint #1: The two stadiums are on opposite coasts.

Hint #2: Neither team is the sole MLB franchise bearing its city's moniker. 

Hint #3: One of the teams used to play in the city of the other.

OK. Ready?

Did you guess Dodger Stadium...

Sunny #DodgerStadium☀️ ��⚾️

A photo posted by Dodgers iGotTickets (@igottickets) on

Taco Dog @mlbfood #tacodog #foodporn #doyers #dodgers #yum #mlbfood

A photo posted by Enrique Martinez (@emtz77) on

And Yankee Stadium?

Yankee stadium NY: Yankee NY VS Chicago White Sox, Yankee won!

A photo posted by Ksenia Koroleva (@ksushkamarfyshka) on

Of course you did. 

The homes of the Dodgers and Yankees ranked second and ninth, respectively, on this year's top 10 list of most geo-tagged locations on Instagram. That's a pretty impressive showing, considering the company: Disneyland (first), Times Square (third) and the Louvre (sixth).

Only one other sports venue made the top 10 in 2014 -- Madison Square Garden, which benefits from housing two sports and sold-out concerts, in eighth place -- so you have to think the length of MLB schedule gives baseball stadiums an advantage, and being in the two most populous U.S. cities probably doesn't hurt, either. Both Dodger and Yankee Stadiums outperformed their 2013 rankings as well, when Dodger Stadium came in eighth and Yankee Stadium placed outside the top 10. 

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