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Guy offers to walk David Price's dog for a week if Price throws a shutout. Price throws a shutout.

Price pitches shutout, fan has to walk his dog

Major League Baseball players are busy guys. They've got practices and team meetings and tape to review and interviews to give and, ya know, games to play. So, finding time to walk the dog has got to be a little tough. Luckily, that will no longer be an issue for David Price.

Before Price's Friday night start against the Indians, a fan tweeted that he'd walk Price's dog Astro for free for a week if Price pitched nine scoreless innings.

And Price noticed:

Welp, @Captain_Jack24 had better invest in a new pair of trainers because Price went ahead and did him one better: He threw a Maddux. Price went the distance, tossing nine scoreless innings and used just 93 pitches to do it as the Tigers beat the Tribe, 4-0.


Looks like Astro's got a lot of exercise to look forward to in the coming week. 

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