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Guy tries to catch home run with beer, but it just explodes all over the bleachers

There are an infinite number of ways to catch a home run at a baseball game. One-handed, two-handed, with a glove, while holding a baby, in a popcorn bucket, in a cup of beer ...

One fan on the North Side, Marcus Middlebrook, learned a valuable life lesson while attempting that last option in the bleachers at Wrigley Field.

The Cubs and Royals got the weekend started a bit early with a Friday matinee at the Friendly Confines, and Royals left fielder Alex Gordon launched a second-inning homer into the recently-opened left-field bleachers. Middlebrook made a valient effort to haul in a souvenir using his adult beverage, but instead ended up showering everyone in his section:


That was an away-team homer at Wrigley Field, so of course it made its way back into the outfield, probably just before Middlebrook had to return to the concourse for a refill a little ahead of schedule. Luckily, though, he seems to be taking things in stride:

At least there's more where that came from, after all.