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Happy 40th birthday to Koji Uehara, collector of high fives

Happy 40th birthday to Koji Uehara

Koji Uehara turns 40 years old on Friday. As he celebrates his 40th trip around the sun, it's a perfect time to remember two things about him.

First, he's a very, very good pitcher. He set the record in 2013 for WHIP (0.57) with at least 50 innings pitched, the same season he had a nearly-vomit-inducing run in the postseason.

As such, Uehara's prowess is often met with congratulations from his teammates -- preferably in the form of high fives.


Uehara seems to really enjoy high fives. Even with the unsuspecting:


We hope his 40th birthday brings all the high-fives of his heart's content. 

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