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Happy 81st birthday to legendary Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker!

Legendary broadcaster Bob Uecker is 81 today

Try saying "Brewers' broadcaster Bob Uecker's birthday" five times fast.

Brewers' broadcaster Bob Uecker's birthday

Brewers' broadcaster Bob Uecker's birthday

Brewers' broadcaster Bob Uecker's birthday

Brewers' broadcaster--

See? Can't be done.

But that doesn't mean that it's not time to celebrate. Uecker -- who has been the voice of the Brewers for 44 years -- has turned 81 years old today. He began a six-season MLB playing career with the Milwaukee Braves in 1962 and returned to Brew City as a broadcaster in '71. 

Uecker won the 1964 World Series with the Cardinals, served as the ring announcer at the epochal WrestleMania III, coined the quintessential baseball movie quote "Juuuuust a bit outside" in "Major League," earned induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2001 and was honored with the Ford C. Frick Award from the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003.

Last season, the Brewers immortalized Uecker with a colorized bronze statue in the last row of Miller Park, paying homage to Uecker's iconic Miller Lite commercials:

As we celebrate the anniversary of Uecker's birth, be sure to go back and relive some of the memorable moments from his career in the booth for the Brewers:

Like the time he called Dale Sveum's Easter Sunday home run in 1987:

Or Prince Fielder's first career walk-off homer in 2005:

And Hall of Famer Robin Yount's 3,000th hit:

You might not be able to wish him a happy birthday five times fast, but do baseball a favor and do it at least once today.

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