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On Pitbull's birthday, break down his 2013 Home Run Derby performance

Happy birthday to Marlins fan Armando Christian Pérez aka Mr. Worldwide aka Mr. 305 aka 'Lil Chico aka Pitbull!


That's right -- Pitbull turns 33 today, and we thought we'd mark this important occasion by reliving his performance at this past season's Home Run Derby.

Yeah, most of the pyrotechnics were provided by Yoenis Cespedes, but the opening act brought a few of his own:


Make sure to watch the video up top, in which Sergio Romo, Buster Posey, Justin Verlander, Joe Mauer and Justin Masterson engage Mr. Worldwide in an informative Q&A about his artistic process and the themes he explores in his music.

Of course, there are copious references to Miami-Wade Dade County -- and a lot of dancing:


Masterson tried his hand at Pitbull's signature move:


And Posey asked a question that made Pitbull do this:


You may recall that Pitbull's connection to baseball runs deep -- Mr. 305 helped unveil the Miami Marlins' new jerseys back in 2011:

He even got one of his own:


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Happy birthday, Pitbull!