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Hear Craig Biggio's sons describe the moment he got the HOF call

Craig Biggio's sons describe their father's HOF call

There may be more intimate moments to witness than the minute a person receives the telephone call informing him that he's been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but we can't think of any. Which is why it's such a delight to relive such instances any chance we get.

Now, we weren't physically in the presence of any of the four members of the Class of 2015 when they received their calls on Tuesday, but thanks to Craig Biggio's sons, we can savor a firsthand account of their father's election. Here's to living vicariously.

Conor Biggio, on his father's Hall call:

"It was just crazy. We were all just sitting there. Last year, we were waiting for the phone call, never got the phone call, waiting the whole time. So right when 12 o'clock came, the phone call came right away. … He was in the other room, the phone was in the other room, he was running across the house trying to get the phone, and you could just tell in his voice he was just very excited, just getting all emotional. And then we all gave a little fist pump because we all knew it had happened."

And Cavan's take:

"Watching MLB Network and everything and listening to what everybody's saying, and kind of watching the live voting to see what percentage he had. Then all of a sudden noon hit and the phone rang and he just started bawling. This is definitely very special, he's one of the 300 in Cooperstown, one of the greatest."

Conor again, on growing up with a future HOF-er for a father:

"Those are the greatest memories I'll have for the rest of my life: Being able to come to the clubhouse, hang out with Major League Baseball players. As a 12-year-old kid, that's your dream."

Cavan's plans for the summer:

"I'm looking forward to that ceremony in Cooperstown."

And one final thing from Cavan, giving one of his father's fellow electees a phenomenal new nickname:

"Big Randy J."
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