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The heartbreaking saga of Orbit's attempt to play Twister with the Athletics

Footage/photo credit: Ryan Cantrell / Real-Time Correspondent

With the Athletics in Houston on Tuesday night, Astros mascot Orbit thought he finally had a group of people to play Twister with.

But he was mistaken. Sadly, heartbreakingly mistaken. 


After Orbit brought out the board, he tried to spin the wheel to get the game going like any decent host would. Despite being an above-average dancer, Coco Crisp wasn't having it: 

Twister 1

Twister 2

The fuzzy green alien didn't give up there. Holding his head up high, he went to see if Josh Donaldson or Alberto Callaspo would like to play. But no, like literal crazy people they preferred to do things like running and windmilling their arms. 

Twister 3

Trying to hide the pain in his chest and tears in his eyes, Orbit turned his nose up at the players. 

Twister 4

In the end though, nothing can mask the hurt. You can even pinpoint the exact second when his heart rips in half.

Twister 5

I don't want to say that this is the saddest ending since The Notebook, but it's certainly close.