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The Angels deployed a real, actual helicopter to help dry the outfield before Monday's game

Helicopter dries outfield before Angels-Red Sox game

You'd probably assume that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim -- you know, the team that plays in Southern California -- do not have much experience with rain delays. And, well, you'd be right: Sunday night's rainout against Boston was the first in 20 years. (To illustrate, the Batman suit still had nipples. Never forget, America.)

As it turns out, Angel Stadium wasn't built with heavy amounts of rain in mind (understandable, given that it hadn't been an issue since the Clinton administration) and on Monday afternoon the outfield was still saturated with water. So, needing to dry things up in a matter of hours, the team did what logic would dictate: They got themselves the most gigantic portable fan they could find.

Sure, bringing in a helicopter (!) to hover just above the grass may seem a bit dramatic, but Angels manager Mike Scioscia is here to inform you that this ain't no thing. As he told's Alden Gonzalez:

"We played a Babe Ruth state championship game in Pennsylvania, and when it stopped raining, all of a sudden some fire trucks came, guys came out and poured gasoline on the basepaths and lit them on fire, and we played about 40 minutes later. So I've seen some stuff."

When the zombie apocalypse comes, I want Mike Scioscia on my side. 

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