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Henry Rowengartner was at Wrigley Field rooting for Cubs during NLCS Game 4

Down 3-0 to the Mets in the NLCS, North Siders pulled out all the stops hoping to bring about some positive mojo and inspire the Cubs to extend the series. Having already devoured a goat and had Bill Murray change seats, Cubs fans turned to a mythical figure for good luck in Game 4: Henry Rowengartner.

Thomas Ian Nicholas played the Little Leaguer who miraculously finds himself able to throw a 103-mph fastball after he gets his arm out of a cast in the 1993 film "Rookie of the Year."

ESPN reported that Nicholas would be at Wrigley Field for Game 4 of the NLCS tonight at 8 p.m. ET on TBS, and that he would be wearing a "Rowengartner" jersey for the first time since filming the movie 20-some years ago.

"Usually when I go to the game, I wear the jersey the Cubs made for me with my last name, Nicholas, on it, but I called the team and I said, 'Can you make a Rowengartner jersey for me?,'" Nicholas told late Tuesday night. "I've never done that. I haven't worn a Rowengartner jersey since the movie, but I feel like we kind of need it right now. It's kind of like my rally cap."

Nicholas -- now 35 -- missed Game 3 to take his son to Disneyland for his fourth birthday, but said he had to plan a last-minute trip to the Friendly Confines as the Cubbies' success in the NL Wild Card Game and the NLDS got him excited.

He spoke with right before Game 4:

"We have an amazing team and they're all young ... so no matter what happens, we have a bright future. But you know, I just figured I'd bring a little good mojo today."

In "Rookie of the Year," Rowengartner's first MLB appearance comes against the Mets, and the Cubbies later go on to best the Mets in the final game of the season and eventually win the World Series. Nicholas was hoping he can bring about some of those same results by showing up on Wednesday.

Watch the video above to hear Rowengartner share his Cubs optimism, and what it was like to film "Rookie of the Year" at Wrigley.