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Here are the coolest and most creative ways MLB fans watched Opening Day

With so much baseball happening Monday, it can be overwhelming trying to watch it all. We've done our best to help guide you through the process, but it still takes a lot of work. You've got to set up your TVs, laptops, phones and tablets perfectly in order to have the best view of all the action (of course, subscribing to MLB.TV makes that a whole lot easier).

We're lucky to have a pretty sweet setup:

But that got us thinking -- how are you watching the games today? We asked fans on Twitter to share how they're watching Opening Day, and we got some pretty rad responses.

This fan made sure she had the biggest TV on the block:

And this fan set things up so that he'd have as many screens as possible:

But three are usually better than one:

We think this fan won't have any problems hearing the game:

While we don't condone ignoring your studies, this fan does show a lot of dedication:

And, well, some teachers can't resist either:

Surfing, Rock Band, America and baseball -- this fan gets it:

While some have to be a bit sneakier about it:

Very, very sneaky:

Now this looks like a great place to watch some baseball:

And, well, if you have a video board, you may as well use it:

And nothing can keep some fans from watching their favorite teams:

Share your baseball-watching setup with us by tweeting a photo at @Cut4, and we may include it here.