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Check out this massive mural of Stan Musial made out of Rubik's Cubes

Check out this massive Rubik's Cube mural of Musial

Once your team reaches the postseason, you probably make sure to do a few things. Namely: 

1. Clear your schedule for the month of October

2. Call your therapist to tell them that you will be experiencing amazing highs and crushing lows and not to be alarmed

3. Call your food delivery guys and tell them that they will be seeing a sharp increase in your orders and not to be alarmed

Well, this Cardinals fan took a slightly different route. Conor Wright, a senior at St. Louis' Priory school, decided to build a massive mural to Cardinals great Stan Musial. Only, instead of doing it the way someone else might -- like printing out a picture and asking a copy shop to please blow it up to mural size -- he's doing it with Rubik's Cubes. 

That's right -- not only is he talented enough to make a mural of Musial (or Murial), but he's also talented enough to make those blasted cubes work for him.

And it looks fantastic: 

The mural is over 200 square feet and used 5,980 of the toys. Watch Wright talk about putting it together below. Shockingly, he doesn't appear to have lost his mind while working on it. 

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