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Here's the Pirates 'YES!' chant montage video you've been waiting for

Sometimes it's a secret handshake or a random mascot that brings a clubhouse together. Other times it's an odd superstition or a particular catchy song that turns an otherwise random assortment of RBIs and player value metrics into a cohesive unit working toward a common goal (see: There It Is, Whoomp!). Baseball players just skew a little more superstitious than the rest of us.

In Pittsburgh, the Pirates are out to a 7-7 start, which isn't too shabby considering they had the misfortune of catching the Brewers in the midst of Milwaukee's ridiculous early-season stampede of the National League.

Through their first 14 games, the Buccos have taken a liking to the chant popularized by improbable WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, who recently captured his title with a spectacular performance at WrestleMania 30. The so-called "Left Field Loonies" out in The Burgh's PNC Park bleachers first started using the "YES! YES! YES!" chant, but the celebraish has seeped into the clubhouse, as professional wrestling fans like first baseman Gaby Sanchez trip over themselves to repurpose the carnal call at every appropriate moment.

Pirates YES chant

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