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Benches clear after Hunter Strickland gives up homer and takes frustration out on Salvador Perez

Strickland upset after Infante's homer, benches clear

Look, we've all had bad days at work, days that make us want to scream into our pillows. But you know what mama always said? Yes, she did say there'll be days like this, but she also said, if you don't want to get shown up, don't give up homers. You know, like in an idiomatic way.

Maybe that was just my mom. Anyway, Hunter Strickland didn't seem particularly aware of that phrase when he gave up a two-run homer to Omar Infante on Wednesday night:


Strickland was less than pleased: 


He also had a few angry words for Salvador Perez, who was waiting for Infante at the plate.

"He start to look at me," said Perez in his postgame press conference, "so I asked him like 'Hey, why you look at me?' So he was telling me 'Get out of here, whatever.'"  

But you know, it was late on a school night, and Strickland was probably just a little cranky.

"I mean, it's intense out there. He's an intense kid, and it probably got away from him a little bit," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. "He shows his emotions, but it's an area he probably has to work on because you're going to give up a home run occasionally. "

Though tempers flared and the benches cleared, presumably the promise of juice boxes and an extra hour of TV before bed calmed everyone down enough to continue the game, which, aided by Infante's blast, the Royals won 7-2.

"I don't know what happened with that guy," Perez said. "But the last thing, we don't want to fight on the field. I'm not that kind of person, that kind of player. I just like to play hard, enjoy the game, and try to get a 'W' for my team."

"I don't see any issues from this point on," Bochy commented. "I just had to calm Strickland down. It's a big stage. A lot of emotions are going to be shown in these games, and the kid was frustrated. He'll be back out there." 


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