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Ichiro officially joins Marlins. Also, may have discovered secret to aging

Ichiro joins Marlins, may have secret to aging

Only 156 hits shy of 3,000, Ichiro Suzuki officially became a member of the Marlins at a news conference in Japan on Thursday.

Besides my grandmother now perennially confusing the Marlins and the Mariners, one very important point was brought up: Ichiro, at the age of 41, is set to become the oldest position player next season. At least, he will be barring any surprise Jason Giambi or Raul Ibanez appearances. (Bartolo Colon, who will be 42, is oldest overall.) 

As for how Ichiro feels about getting older, he may be planning to pull a Benjamin Button

"I'm 41 years old. There are a lot of 25-year-olds who look like 41. I would like to become, bit by bit, the opposite of that."

If there is one person who has unlocked the secret to aging, my guess is that's it's probably Ichiro. After all, he's already got secret stretching machines -- who's to say that he doesn't also have a top secret, government-controlled anti-aging elixir? 

Or that he uses his many doppelgangers as a kind of age-defying horcrux? 


I mean, anything is possible for a guy who learned Spanish simply to talk trash

As for another number, Ichiro's back to wearing No. 51 and seems pretty happy about it. 

Watch the full conference below: 

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