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Ichiro once threw a bat ... then wrote a letter of apology to the man who crafted it

Ichiro is bilingual enough to talk trash

Ichiro Suzuki didn't play his first MLB game until the age of 27, but still managed to earn 10 All-Star appearances, 10 Gold Gloves, Rookie of the Year honors and an MVP Award. Now, at 41, he sits 156 hits away from the 3,000 mark in his MLB career. Suzuki recently sat down with Bob Costas to discuss his accomplishments, his habits and his intention to be on an MLB roster for the 2015 season.

Costas conducted the interview with the help of a translator, which prompted him to ponder why Suzuki even needed a translator when he so clearly talks to opposing players on the basepaths. Ichiro's answer? You don't have to be fluent to talk trash.

In addition to that wonderful little morsel of honesty, Suzuki also explained that he has great respect for the tools of his trade and the artists who craft them. He admitted to throwing a bat once, but said he immediately regretted it and wrote a letter to the man who made it, apologizing for the lapse in judgment. 

Suzuki said he should have hit himself in the face, instead.


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