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If you need a zombie-proof vehicle, just talk to C.J. Wilson

We may have avoided a zombie apocalypse on Dec. 21, but you never know when the flesh-eating monsters might attack. It could be Halloween or during the next Black Friday. They could even come out in early February to help promote the second half of The Walking Dead.

Whenever it is, we need to be ready -- and C.J. Wilson has us covered.

The Angels' lefty recently launched the Zombie-Proof Mazda CX-5 out of his Illinois-based Mazda dealership. Wilson created the model because, “what if we really did need to run and not look back?”

The new car features a luggage rack with extra gas cans, spare tires, sledge hammers and a pick axe "just in case the undead get too close." You can read more about Wilson's invention here.

-- Matt Monagan /