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In honor of the Northeast blizzard of 2015, here's your MLB All-Blizzard team

Here is your MLB All-Blizzard team

If you're located along the East Coast, you know that there's a blizzard coming.

A snowpocalypse.



In honor of the storm, we've put together an All-Blizzard MLB team. Check it out below.

Catcher, Jarrod "Salty" Saltalamacchia

Hey, where there's snow on the roads, there's also (hopefully) salt.


First base, J.T. Snow

There's snow way we were leaving this guy off our list (sorry). 


Second baseman, Ski Melillo

Melillo played in the Majors from 1926-'37, finishing in the top-15 of the MVP vote three separate times. Ski was just a nickname (his real name was Oscar) and if you ask us, it was much better than his other moniker, Spinach.

Shortstop, John Shovlin

He only had 50 plate appearances in three years and nobody likes shovlin, but let's face it, it's just something you have to do during a storm. It's something everybody has to do.

Third base, David Freese 

Blizzards are cold. One might say they're Freese-ing. We've got an All-Star, World Series-winning third baseman just for that.


Left Field, Coco Crisp

Even though he's the A's full-time center fielder, he's played 232 games in left. Thanks for taking one for the team, Mr. Crisp.


Center field, Devon White

When you have a guy that's a three-time World Series champion and seven-time Gold Glove winner, it's tough to move him out of the center field spot. Very tough.

Right field, Cool Papa Bell

One of the greatest players in Negro League history, Bell could field, hit and throw with some of the best of 'em. He was also faster than electricity.


Designated hitter, Chili Davis

When you have a few snow flurries, things can get chilly. But when you have a massive blizzard, things can get ... Chili Davis:

Starting pitcher, Sandy Koufax

Like salt, sand will also help with those snowy roads. And Sandy will help strike out some of those opposing batters.


Closer, Tom "Plowboy" Morgan

Plowboy compiled 64 saves, a 3.61 ERA and two World Series rings over a 12-year career. Although his nickname was based off his experience growing up on a farm, we're betting he could plow snow with some of the best of them.


National Anthem - Frozen's Idina Menzel

Or as John Travolta likes to call her, Adele Dazeem.

Ceremonial first pitch - Ice, Ice Baby.

Honorable Mentions: Boots Day, Chip Hale, Storm Davis, David Weathers, Evan "El Oso Blanco" Gattis, Jim Coates, Long John Ewing, Ice Box Chamberlain, Icehouse Wilson, Icicle Reeder, Buck Coats 

And as evening came on Monday, the Northeast was coated in a thick layer of snow. From PNC Park in Pittsburgh: 

To the Bronx's Yankee Stadium: 


#Snowmageddon2015 hits Yankee Stadium. Be safe out there.

A photo posted by yankees (@yankees) on   

The All-Blizzard team certainly came ready to play. And Major Leaguers couldn't wait to watch:

All kidding aside, the All-Blizzard rule book is short and simple: Be safe.

And while you're cozying up indoors, let us know some of your favorite blizzard baseball players in the comments.

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