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In honor of the 'Saved by the Bell' reunion, look back to when Zack cut class for a Dodgers game

Here's a baseball-themed Saved by the Bell episode

Jimmy Fallon brought us back to the hallways of Bayside High on Wednesday night, reuniting most of the cast of the '90s sitcom "Saved by the Bell." If you were a kid growing up back then, the re-enactment probably gave you goosebumps, and if not, well, you're a melon head.

Anyway, it got us thinking -- are there any baseball-themed SBTB episodes? The answer is yes, of course, because why wouldn't the greatest show in television history have an episode involving the greatest sport in American history?

In the episode, Zack pretends he's Jewish and celebrating Rosh Hashanah so he can skip class to attend a Mets-Dodgers postseason game. Jessie's god-awful stepbrother, who just enrolled at Bayside, is able to get a recording of the game from Screech and tries to blackmail Zack for his locker and a foul ball he caught at the game.

Oh, man! The Max must've been buzzing about this one!

It wasn't a real game (because this isn't a documentary), but there are mentions of Dwight Gooden pitching for the Mets and Darryl Strawberry hitting for the Dodgers. Which makes sense, since the ep. aired in 1991.

Watch it in all of its nostalgic glory right here.

Jerry Blevins knows what we're talking about.

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