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Independent league player tears ACL on home run, hops around the bases

Independent league player tears ACL on HR, hops bases

Remember way back when Byron Leftwich led Marshall on a game-winning drive while is linemen carried him up the field during a two-minute drill?

Well, the baseball equivalent of that just happened.

Sean Smith -- the center fielder for the independent Atlantic League's York Revolution -- hit a game-tying home run in the eighth inning on Friday night. When he was rounding first base in his trot, Smith slipped and tore his ACL. 

... then he refused help and hopped around the bases to plate the tying run.

So. Much. Determination. It's just like that time Screech and Lisa Turtle did "The Sprain" in the dance-off at The Max.

No? Just me? OK, I'll see myself out.