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It's official: Truck Day is the best winter holiday

Truck Day is your new favorite holiday

How do you know spring is coming? No, forget about the groundhogs (they're untrustworthy at the very best). This year, it's all about ground transportation. We know that it's about to get warmer because at long last, it's Truck Day.

No, Truck Day doesn't mean that we wait for Mack from "Cars" to see his shadow. It's the day when MLB teams load their equipment onto trucks that are headed to Spring Training. From's Jordan Bastian:

"We have two 53-footers here that are going to be transporting all of the baseball equipment down for the start of Spring Training," said Indians home clubhouse and equipment manager Tony Amato. "I know it's a big day for Cleveland fans to have a sign of spring coming. With the weather and everything, I think it's great for everyone here."

And it's very important equipment:


That scooter is precious cargo. According to's Anthony Castrovince:

In Cleveland, the loading of Terry Francona's red scooter onto the lead truck was a ceremonial event, with a cameraman from every local TV outlet capturing the scene.

"That's a new one!" said truck driver Ed Fisher. "The first year I moved it, it was pristine. The next year, it was pretty dinged up. But it looks like he got a new one."   

Other cargo may provide some evidence for those who claim that Corey Kluber is actually a robot


Is he in that box? Probably. 

Everyone's getting packed:

The White Sox are even bringing Paul Konerko's old locker:

And the Rockies are not traveling light:

The White Sox are making sure everyone will be well-hydrated once they get to Arizona:

And Cleveland's taking care of snacks: 

Happy Truck Day, one and all. Remember, if you see a vehicle that looks like this:


It means spring is just around the corner. 

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