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Cleveland fireworks guy accidentally sets off fireworks on Royals' homer, is very sad

CLE fireworks guy sets off fireworks on KC homer

Even if we don't like to admit it, we all make mistakes. I once wrote my name in giant letters with white paint on my driveway thinking it could be washed off by the rain. When my dad got home, he quickly assured me that it wouldn't. It sat there for the next 10 years we lived in the house and is most certainly still there today.

So, I understand what the Cleveland Indians fireworks guy was going through when he accidentally set off his fireworks after a home run by Royals right fielder Alex Rios on Tuesday night. I feel for him. We should all feel for him. We should all understand what he's going through:

And for those who don't, we'll refer you PERFECT PEOPLE to the Tribe's Twitter account: