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It's time to wish A's outfielder and world-class entertainer Josh Reddick a happy birthday

Happy 28th birthday to Josh Reddick!

Stop what you're doing and wish Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick a happy 28th birthday. No, seriously, he's @RealJoshReddick on Twitter and it's the least you could do. 

We'll wait ...

As if hitting .316 and helping the A's to a postseason appearance last season wasn't enough, Reddick spends his free time honing his skills as one of the most entertaining players of the modern era.

Don't believe us? In the last 18 months, Reddick has:

Started using WHAM!'s "Carless Whisper" as his walk-up song:

Dressed as the Ultimate Warrior and sprinted in from the bullpen for an interview on MLB Network's Intentional Talk:

Ultimate Warrior Entrance

Reddick Channels Ultimate Warrior

Traded his jersey number to Billy Butler for a winch (one of those cable things that wind on the front of your car):

Gently caressed his teammates' facial hair as a good luck charm:


Had his beard shaved off by WWE superstar Daniel Bryan

Did his best Spider-Man impression out in right field:


Then actually dressed as Spider-Man for Halloween:

And spied on the Red Sox to get a Dustin Pedroia bobblehead:

The man is more than just an outfielder: He's an entertainer. And he's turning 28, today, so the least we can do is wish him a happy birthday.

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