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Jack White, Jeff Bridges, 50 Cent and more celebs to grace the front of baseball cards

Jack White and other celebs to receive baseball cards

My apartment is filled with so many binders and boxes of baseball cards that the fire marshal has stopped by and said that my home is essentially kindling. And though I'm an avid fan of music and movies, unfortunately since the "Ghostbusters 2" card set, there hasn't been a convenient, 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch piece of cardboard for me to show that love.

Until now.

This year, Topps is unveiling a new First Pitch series of insert cards that will feature celebrities showing off during the obvious highlight of their careers: their ceremonial first pitches. Which means we'll get Jack White in a throwback (though unfortunately not sad Jack White):

And unless they've somehow managed to figure out the magic behind the Frog Cards in "Harry Potter," we won't be seeing 50 Cent's pitch in motion

50 Cent

Nor will we have a Biz Markie card with "Just a Friend" playing at the same time. 

Though Jermaine Jones' will surely show him with his greatest strike ever. And no, I mean this one, not his so-so shot against Portugal

Here's the full checklist from Beckett


FP-01 Jeff Bridges - Los Angeles Dodgers
FP-02 Jack White - Detroit Tigers
FP-03 McKayla Maroney - Chicago White Sox
FP-04 Eddie Vedder - Chicago Cubs
FP-05 Biz Markie - Oakland Athletics
FP-06 Agnes McKee - San Diego Padres
FP-07 Austin Mahone - Atlanta Braves
FP-08 Jermaine Jones - Los Angeles Dodgers
FP-09 Tom Willis - Baltimore Orioles
FP-10 Graham Elliot - Chicago Cubs
FP-11 Tom Morello - Chicago Cubs
FP-12 Macklemore - Seattle Mariners
FP-13 Suzy - Los Angeles Dodgers
FP-14 50 Cent - New York Mets
FP-15 Meb Keflezighi - Boston Red Sox