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Jacob deGrom revels in his NLDS Game 1 victory by pranking Daniel Murphy

deGrom revels in his win by pranking Murphy

Jacob deGrom pitched about as well as a human being can during Game 1 of the National League Division Series on Friday night: He kept the Dodgers scoreless on five hits while striking out 13 batters in seven innings. And so after the game, he took a moment to bask in his victory. By pranking his teammates.

An unsuspecting Daniel Murphy, who had a bit of a game himself, was sitting in the postgame news conference when deGrom came over and sat beside him. In between trying to seriously answer questions about David Wright's two-run single and his own position in the lineup against Clayton Kershaw on Friday, he fell victim to deGrom's buoyant, mischievous mood:


But when your teammate is coming off a performance like deGrom's, you can't really retaliate. All you can do is sit there, as Murphy did, and say, "Yowzers" while deGrom laughs like he just got the teacher to sit on a whoopee cushion.

"This is messed up, Jake," Murphy said out of the side of his mouth before returning to the question at hand.

Although if you watch closely, it looks like Wright started the chair-lowering shenanigans. So maybe the whole Mets team was in the mood for hijinks. And who would blame them?

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