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Jacoby Ellsbury unleashes excellent bat flip ... on a foul ball

Ellsbury unleashes great bat flip ... on foul ball

Bat flips have been a hot topic of conversation these days. Mostly because Yasiel Puig, maestro of the art form, has decided to cut down on his flips this season. This has probably gotten players amped up and raring to flip their bats in order to fill the giant void left by Puig. (I've been constantly flipping pancakes into my ceiling ever since I heard the news. I'm being evicted from my apartment this Friday.)

And during Wednesday's Yankees-Orioles game, Jacoby Ellsbury must've had that same feeling. As soon as he connected against Bud Norris, it was: SEE YA LATER, BAT!

Unfortunately, the ball was foul.

It's OK, Jacoby. It's the thought that counts.

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