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Jason Grilli live-tweeted Sunday Night Football from Heinz Field

Pirates closer Jason Grilli assisted @Steelers with live coverage of Pittsburgh's Sunday night showdown against the Bengals. Andrew McCutchen, cheese dip and Ocho Cinco all made appearances. Check out the full recap below:

A man of the people, Grilli hung out with fans before heading into Heinz:


Once inside the stadium, he chatted with some other Pittsburgh legends:


Right off the bat, the Steelers took a quick 21-0 lead. This gave Grilli hope that they could reach that oh, so magical number:


And of course, you can't have a baseball player live-tweet a game without some baseball references:


Midway through the game, @GrillCheese49 got hungry:


Seriously, though, field goals should now be called this:


The Steelers closed out the 30-20 win and thanked their guest tweeter for a job well done:


Raise it, Pittsburgh fans: