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Jay Z mistook David Wells for Curt Schilling at SNL's 40th Anniversary afterparty

Jay Z mistook David Wells for Curt Schilling

We've all had a few cases of mistaken identity. Whether it's that time I was 6 years old and begged some random woman to give me tokens at Chuck-E-Cheese thinking she was my mother, or that time I hugged a complete stranger thinking she was my girlfriend, the point is we all make mistakes.

Even if you're Hova. 

After the airing of the SNL 40th anniversary special (which included Derek Jeter, natch), Jay Z ran into David Wells at the SNL afterparty. Only problem, Jay Z thought he was Curt Schilling. 

As for Wells' thoughts on the whole matter: 

Even Schilling wasn't afraid to poke some fun: 

Though perhaps we should give Young Hov the benefit of the doubt. After all, isn't it possible that Jay Z was actually making a subtle commentary on the fact that both pitchers pitched for over 20 years while assembling over 200 wins apiece? And that Wells, who also spent a year and a half with the BoSox, has a tattoo of Babe Ruth, while Schilling famously idolizes another Yankee great in Lou Gehrig? 

Ultimately, mistaken identity is a pretty common occurrence. Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler even once mistook the moon for a planet. So, mixing up one All-Star pitcher for another isn't really that crazy.

As for anyone else who needs help identifying Curt Schilling and/or his socks, please enjoy this photo of the right-hander wearing sandals for a photoshoot:

Curt Schilling

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