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Did Jedd Gyorko's Twitter account foresee the Padres' signing of Bud Norris?

The baseball world gets a lot of mileage out of Twitter these days, from revolutionizing rain delays to up-to-the-minute Deadline updates that may or may not be totally fake. But while all of these advancements were impressive, they failed to take social media to its logical conclusion -- actually predicting and/or determining real-life events before they happen. 

Thankfully, though, it appears Padres second baseman Jedd Gyorko has brought us into the 21st century. Way back in December, while San Diego was acquiring everything in sight, Gyorko wanted to be the first to welcome his new teammates:

There's just one problem: The Padres traded for Derek Norris. The Twitter handle @BudNorris25 belongs to, you guessed it, pitcher Bud Norris, who was then a member of the Orioles. Gyorko was quick to rectify the error and assure the other Norris that it wasn't anything personal: 

And so, for months, we figured that was that. Our attention drifted to other, more pressing concerns, like chocolate syrup and stirrup socks. But then, on Tuesday, it came, an earth-shattering revelation buried at the end of -- what else? -- a seemingly innocent tweet:

Yes, that's right: The Padres ended up signing Bud Norris, just eight months after Jedd Gyorko's Twitter accidentally welcomed Bud Norris to the Padres. Coincidence? Sure, and Evan Gattis will start hitting triples