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It seems that 'Jeopardy!' did not expect Troy Tulowitzki to be traded this season

'Jeopardy!' did not expect Tulowitzki to be traded

In a word, Troy Tulowitzki's Blue Jays debut was … gangbusters. The shortstop introduced himself to his new fans by going 3-for-5 with two doubles, a home run and three RBIs. And yet, during his Drake-worthy performance at Rogers Centre, "Jeopardy!" aired a clue that was just a tad outdated.

"Mile high" being a classic "Jeopardy!" hint for Colorado.

Clearly, the "Jeopardy!" writers did not anticipate the Rockies shipping Tulowitzki up north when they wrote this particular clue, likely months ago. If you were playing along at home (with baseball and "Jeopardy!" picture-in-picture, like a real hero), though, how would you have responded?

"Who are the Rockies? I mean Blue Jays. I mean, uh..."

Just put this one in the column for "Reasons 'Jeopardy!' should be aired live.'" And besides, Alex Trebek has to be pleased with the way Tulo's Canadian tenure started off. 

h/t SB Nation

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