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Here's your reminder that ALCS Game 3 starter Jeremy Guthrie loves all of the boy bands

Courtesy @TheRealJGuts

Man, Jeremy Guthrie is so cool. He has the best toys:

And the sweetest phone:

And he likes the dopest music. Way back in 2011, he told Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina that the Backstreet Boys "have the best songs. I think they sing unbelievably. My favorite songs growing up and getting older have been their songs."

But he's not exclusive in his boy band love. This year, he let Jay Mohr over at Fox Sports Radio know that his man-crush is Justin Timberlake:

He can even name all of the members of New Kids on the Block. Yes, even the ones that aren't Donnie Wahlberg. 

We were going to Photoshop Mr. Guthrie onto his favorite boy band album covers as a tribute (and so he'd invite us to his Discovery Zone birthday party) but he's already done the work for us - his Twitter avatar is his own personal version of Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience:


So, I guess we won't be - eh, who are we kidding: