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Jim Harbaugh is coaching first base at A's Spring Training and he's rocking high socks

Jim Harbaugh is living the American dream.

When he's not busy fulfilling his duties as the head football coach at the University of Michigan, all Harbaugh has been up to is congratulating "good friend" Big Sean for dropping a new album, getting a shoutout from "Judge Judy," going viral in the bad lip-reading video and making a cameo in the classic television program "Saved by the Bell":

As if a man who got to play Screech's cousin on TV didn't already have it all, Harbaugh raised the bar on Saturday when he stopped by Athletics' Spring Training in Mesa, Ariz., to play ball and moonlight as a first base coach for a couple of innings, because sure, why not?

Harbaugh went to high school out in Palo Alto and used to go to A's games when he was coaching Stanford's football squad.

Also, Athletics outfielder Super Sam Fuld is a Stanford alum, so we're guessing they'll be talking about "The Play" or whatever it is that Stanford folks bond over if Fuld gets on base.