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Watch Jimmy Fallon go back in time to talk to (and rap badly with) 1986 Bret Saberhagen

Fallon goes back in time to rap with Bret Saberhagen

The year was 1986. Tom Cruise was on the highway to the danger zone. Pet Shop Boys were inexplicably a thing. And Royals ace Bret Saberhagen was on top of the baseball world, having just won 20 games, a Cy Young Award and a World Series title the year prior. 

How did he respond to his new cultural cachet? Like those many stars before him, he decided to rap in a commercial for a local Ford dealership. He chose ... poorly

We'll give you a minute to recuperate. Better? OK. Flash forward to the present day, with the Royals taking on another of Saberhagen's former teams, the Mets, in this year's Fall Classic. Looking to gain some insight into the matchup, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon hopped in his time machine and found just the man to talk to: 1986 Bret Saberhagen. And, while he remains suspiciously youthful, his rapping has not improved with time:

Some choice bars:

- On who Bret thinks has the edge in the series: 

Well I played for the Royals and I also played for the Mets/So I don't like to make any premature bets
Gambling's a sin and I ain't no speculatin' Satan/So let's just watch the game and may the best team win

- On any advice Bret has for both teams:

You've gotta pace yourself, it's a pretty long series/It's a best out of seven, don't get weary
It's a strenuous game, and a lot of it's mental/It'll come down to who's got better fundamentals
So try to stay focused, and don't get bored/And when it's all over, come down to buy a Ford truck

"But wait," you may be asking yourself. "Those don't really rhyme, or follow any discernible meter." Which is undoubtedly true, but also ignores one simple tenet: Art knows no rules.  

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