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Jimmy Kimmel Live's Guillermo shows the dangers of paper ballots in All-Star Game sketch

Guillermo shows danger of paper ballots in ASG sketch

If you're anything like me, you likely never knew quite how dangerous paper was. After all, haven't people been reading, writing and doodling on paper for years? Aren't our homes and libraries stuffed full of books, comics and takeout menus from places that closed years ago? And, more importantly, wasn't paper used in the most important of elections -- namely, the All-Star Game -- for decades? 

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This year, Major League Baseball did away with the tiny-cut-giving, fire-starting paper ballots in place of an online-only voting option. On Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Guillermo showed off just how much better his life is with the new online ballot. Taking his house from this: 


To this: 


Not only did Guillermo's house look nicer with the online ballot, revealing his dog, son and wife (who were previously hidden in the giant stacks), but you could also vote for All-Stars at a variety of locations. Like the space station (though we can't imagine how they're picking up a Wi-Fi signal): 


Watch the video here:

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