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After one season with the Dodgers, Jimmy Rollins promoted to manager (for a day)

Jimmy Rollins was the Dodgers' manager for a day

Jimmy Rollins has only been with the Dodgers for a season, but he has moved exceptionally, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly quickly through the ranks in Los Angeles. After just 144 games at shortstop, Rollins was promoted to manager on Sunday, unseating Don Mattingly.

Wearing a No. 2 Tommy Lasorda jersey and sporting the traditional paunch that comes with player-to-manager transitions, Rollins was all set to lead the Dodgers to victory on Sunday afternoon in his first game as their fearless leader.


But he wasn't the only player to get a promotion to the coaching staff. Joining Rollins was Kenley Jansen, who replaced pitching coach Rick Honeycutt.


Their first game in charge did not come without its big decisions, either.


After Clayton Kershaw notched his 300th (and 301st) strikeout of the season, becoming the first pitcher since 2002 to reach the mark, Rollins and Jansen had to decide just how long to let their ace pitch. 

They settled on 3 2/3 innings, totally without the help of the real Mattingly and Honeycutt.


And let no one say that Rollins did not savor his managerial walk to the mound:


It's a shame, really, that this was a strictly one-game promotion. So ... somebody should probably tell Rollins and Jansen they won't be in charge for the postseason, or they're going to walk to the mound next time Kershaw makes an exit. Juan?

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