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Jimmy Rollins stole two bases on one pitch

Rollins steals two bases on one pitch

The Phillies beat the Padres on Wednesday when Reid Brignac broke a 0-0 tie by launching a walk-off homer to right field. But Brignac's heroics weren't the only intriguing part of the contest. Philadelphia starter Cole Hamels notched 11 strikeouts over eight innings and shortstop Jimmy Rolllins stole two bases ... on the same pitch.

After Rollins reached base with a single in the first, the Padres put the shift on for Ryan Howard. So, when Rollins swiped second, he noticed that third was unattended and decided he'd like to have that one, too..

Rollins Steals

Yes, it went down in the box score as two stolen bases, so that's a feather Rollins can put in his cap now. 

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