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Joba Chamberlain swung a bat almost as well as Bartolo Colon

Joba Chamberlain swung a bat just like Bartolo Colon

Tigers reliever Joba Chamberlain came in to throw a single pitch in Wednesday afternoon's game against the D-backs, getting Paul Goldschmidt to ground into a double play and end the seventh inning. Thanks to the magic of interleague play, that single pitch put Chamberlain in the Tigers' batting order for the next inning.

His swing did not quite measure up to the majesty of Bartolo Colon's, but it came close:


Chamberlain wasn't exactly happy when he went back to the dugout, but we understand. Achieving a swing as sublime as Colon's is difficult, if not impossible. Here's the man himself with a master class: 


And that's how a pitcher at-bat is done. 

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