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Cleveland signs Joba Chamberlain and promises that the 'bugs won't be back'

Joba signs with Cleveland, team promises no midges

Joba Chamberlain signed a Minor League deal with the Indians on Tuesday. The reliever also received a non-roster invitation to Spring Training, so he could make the big club if he performs well enough in March. The 30-year-old has ptiched for the Yankees, Tigers and Royals in recent years and although he's never pitched for Cleveland, he has pitched in Cleveland. Most notably in Game 2 of the 2007 ALDS ... with bugs crawling all over his face:

The midges may or may not have caused Joba to give up the tying run in that eighth inning and may or may not have made the Yankees eventually lose the series. But don't worry, Joba, the Indians have promised this will never happen again:

Something the Yankees wished was taken care of long ago:

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