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Joc Pederson does dugout pushups to atone for not hustling on the double he crushed

Someone call Leonardo DiCaprio because these are the best kind of growing pains. With his team already up 6-1 in the eighth inning, Dodgers phenom Joc Pederson absolutely tattooed a ball to deep center field at Marlins Park. So deep, in fact, that he thought it was a goner.

Turns out it didn't have the distance. Instead, it hit off the top of the wall as Pederson cruised into second with a double:


"Cruised" is the opperative term there because Pederson didn't exactly get on his horse right out of the gate, instead trotting a bit as though he'd gotten all of that Jarred Cosart offering. So, after he came around to score on a Howie Kendrick single later in the inning, Pederson had to atone for his lack of hustle with dugout pushups:


Also, he might be making a coffee run on Saturday, but we're guessing he's going to be skipping lunch: