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Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe married on this day in 1954

Talk about powerful couples.

Joe DiMaggio, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, married Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe on Jan. 14, 1954. The pair were wed in a private ceremony at San Francisco City Hall.

DiMaggio first sought out Monroe after seeing a picture of her posing with White Sox outfielder Gus Zernial in 1951. The Yankees great was retired at that point, but played against Zernial in an exhibition match the following year and asked him, "How come I never get to pose with beautiful girls like that?" DiMaggio connected with Monroe's press agent through Zernial and began dating the actress soon after.

Even though their relationship only lasted 274 days (202 days longer than Kim and Kris), DiMaggio and Monroe remained good friends. The Yankee Clipper arranged the “Some Like it Hot” star’s funeral in 1962 and sent roses to her grave every week up until his own passing in 1999.

-- Matt Monagan /

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