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Joe Maddon is binge-watching The Office at Cubs Spring Training

Cubs manager Joe Maddon is known for his refined cultural palate. He used to take the Rays on Woodstock-themed road trips, he's given his players Anchorman cologne, he's quoted "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and now he's binge-watching "The Office" at Cubs Spring Training: 

That last revelation came when Maddon said he felt like Michael Scott when he couldn't remember the team's upcoming scrimmage schedule.  

"I watch two episodes every night," Maddon said on Thursday. "I've been here, what, 10 days? I've probably watched at least 20 episodes of The Office."

Maddon says he prefers watching "a comedy to go to sleep" but prefers episodes of "The Office" prior to star Steve Carell leaving.

We're hoping they're stocked up on tissues down in Mesa, Ariz., because there's no way Maddon will make it through the series finale without bawling.