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Joe Maddon is positively thrilled about his new RV decals

Joe Maddon is stoked about his new RV decals

In between binge-watching "The Office" and, you know, managing the Cubs, Joe Maddon took some time this Spring Training to get his RV decaled. And he's really stoked about it.

So stoked, in fact, that Maddon answered a few questions at a Cubs press conference Monday. The "The Cousin Eddie," is, as he says, "appropriately dressed."

"What is that?" one reporter asked him. To which Maddon replied, in true Maddon fashion, "Beautiful."

Maddon is quite fond of his National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation-themed RV. This is the vehicle that he lived in during last year's Spring Training, after all, and with its fancy new decals, Maddon "couldn't have been happier."

And if you're surprised to see an RV decorated as such, as far as he's concerned, it doesn't make sense not to decal your RV.

"I said, 'Listen, man, there's something here,'" Maddon told reporters. "Why wouldn't people want to put an emblem on their RV?"


Honestly, his logic is sound: "It's a boat thing … It's a land boat, anyway, an RV."

Let it be known: Henceforth, RVs shall be known as "land boats."

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