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Joe Maddon is rewarding his players with 'Sex Panther' cologne

Rays manager Joe Maddon is famous around these parts for his themed road trips. Most recently, he broke out his bell-bottoms and tie-dye to take his team out West for a Woodstock-themed, seven-game stint on the Pacific Coast. Along the way, the Rays must have tipped into the glorious 1970s because Maddon was doling out specialty colognes to the team's Player of the Game.

Sex Panther by Odeon, Brut, Old Spice, Aqua Velva and others have given the Rays clubhouse a manly musk that other locker rooms might otherwise lack. Maddon also went online and found a 1970s version of Hai Karate cologne (and after shave) that looks as cool as Sex Panther, but probably isn't. You can tell because the box doesn't growl.

Sex Panther Growl

Infielder Cole Figueroa was the proud(?) recipient of Sex Panther by Odeon and a matching T-shirt that prominately features all of the Anchorman quotes you'd expect it to, which means that his post-game shower was probably just the grounds crew hosing him down out in the player's parking lot.

Sex Panther Shower