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Joe Maddon reveals the secret behind his lineup construction at Cubs Convention

Joe Maddon reveals secret behind lineup construction

Joe Maddon isn't your traditional manager. After all, most managers don't reward players with vintage cologne or take Woodstock-themed road trips. So when Maddon took to the stage for a Q&A at the Cubs Convention on Saturday, you shouldn't expect to get the rote answers. 

After fielding a question on Kris Bryant, Maddon spotted a doppelganger for his son in the crowd and then revealed the secret behind his lineup genius. And what is it? He asks other people. 

Said the new skipper: 

"There are actually times that I've gone to Chamber of Commerce events and I've had them write out the lineup. And I think they were 3-2 in Tampa. I get my information from all different sources -- the cab driver, the doorman, whatever." 


Which isn't surprising. After all, Maddon once set his lineup to match Tommy Tutone's masterpiece, "867-5309/Jenny."

Speaking of music, Maddon also revealed that not only is he a big Bruce Springsteen fan, but that he used to see him in college for "like four bucks." For comparison's sake, people were selling tickets to The Boss' most recent tour for nearly four hundred bucks. 

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