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Joe Maddon thinks he's Peter Pan, says he never wants to grow up

When you live a baseball life -- and play what is essentially a kid's game for a living -- it's easy to think you're in Neverland. Cubs manager Joe Maddon knows this all too well and recently explained to that he hopes he and his players never grow up.

"We are a bunch of kids. Hopefully we never grow up. I want to be Peter Pan the rest of my life, and I want these guys to be the same thing. It's not life and death, this is fun and games, it really is. When you start taking it in the wrong direction, then you can lose sight of that and success will go away."

Wait, wait, wait ... if Maddon fancies himself a Pan, that would make Mike Matheny Hook, right? And if Maddon's playing Pan, then we're talking about the Hook version of events, not the cartoon, which means Anthony Rizzo could play Rufio, the oldest of the lost boys. 



Kris Bryant, Addison Russell and Starlin Castro can play those lost boys and Yadier Molina seems like a natural fit to play Smee. Kyle Schwarber can be Jack, because why not?

Now all we need is a volunteer to play Tinkerbell and we can get this show on the road. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?