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Joe Torre will be helping American Pharoah's trainer keep calm before the Belmont Stakes

Joe Torre to help keep American Pharoah trainer calm

Throughout his Hall of Fame career as a manager -- one that saw him coach under the bright lights of both New York and L.A. -- Joe Torre never seemed to lose his cool. No matter what position his team was in, when the camera cut to the dugout, Torre would be showing nothing but calm -- a levelheadedness that helped his teams win over 2,300 games and four World Series titles. 

And as it turns out, those skills don't just apply to baseball. Bob Baffert, the trainer of Triple Crown hopeful American Pharoah, told New York's WFAN radio on Friday that he's putting himself in Torre's hands during the long wait until the Belmont Stakes on Saturday afternoon:

"It's going to be a long [wait until the race]," Baffert said. "But I'm hanging out with Joe Torre, we're having lunch together tomorrow. One thing being around Joe, he keeps the nerves pretty calm. He is a gentleman and he's a great person, but I told him he's gonna have to monitor me, so he's in charge of me tomorrow."

It's worth mentioning that Baffert is no stranger to being in this position -- American Pharoah will be the fourth horse since 1997 that Baffert's taken to the Belmont with a shot at the Triple Crown -- and yet Torre's zen is still so awe-inspiring that it soothes even the most seasoned professionals. 

But Torre's actually no stranger to the tracks himself: He's partially owned several horses over the years, ever since long-time Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer kindled his love of the sport in the '90s. So, hey, if this whole "Chief Baseball Officer" thing doesn't work out, we have a career Torre might be able to fall back on:

Torre horse whisperer