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Brandon Phillips went to catch a popup, and Joey Votto showed off his Brandon Phillips impression

Phillips mocked by Votto while he catches a popup

Brandon Phillips, in addition to being a fine baseball player, has developed a reputation as the arbiter of all things swag. He makes the tough plays seem routine, and elevates the routine into a strange hybrid of performance art and interpretive dance. He is smoothness personified. 

Joey Votto knows this better than just about anyone. Cincy's first baseman has spent the majority of his nine-year career next to Phillips, and after all this time admiring his teammate's effortless shenanigans, he tried it out for himself during Saturday's game against the Mets:

Votto Phillips mock 1

Let's zoom in for a closer look, for such flawless imitation deserves a detailed appreciation:

Votto Phillips mock

The leisurely walk, the one-handed grab, the flip behind the head because, really, why not -- Votto has clearly studied the master's craft. There can be only one next step on his road to swagdom:

Sorcerer's Apprentice Votto

Right, like you wouldn't watch that. 

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