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Joey Votto plays time master, refused to step out of box during at-bat

Votto is a time master, refused to step out of box

During his career, sinkerballer Derek Lowe was always one of the fastest workers on the mound. His career average of 19 seconds between pitches would have tied him for 10th-best in 2015 -- and he pitched before there were any rules in place designed to keep the game moving at a quick pace. 

But on June 13, 2012, Joey Votto decided that even that pace wasn't up to snuff. With Lowe on the mound for the Indians, Votto stepped to the plate in the bottom of the third inning ... and never stepped out. Well, until the at-bat was over and Votto was standing on first base after drawing a walk. 

Just take a look. This is not a GIF cutting out Votto stepping out, or even moving around his feet. This is a batter saying, "You want to play with time? I control time, time flows through me." 


Given his Canadian heritage, new slim-fit pants, and this moment of timelordship, Votto may be aiming for Coolest Major Leaguer, 2016. 

(h/t r/baseball

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