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John Smoltz nearly became an accordion player instead of a baseball player

Smoltz almost chose the accordion over baseball

When you think of John Smoltz, you think Cy Young starting pitcher. You think All-Star closer. You think Hall of Fame baseball player. But have you ever thought ... professional accordion player?

On Tuesday, during a trip to Cooperstown, Smoltz discussed his childhood and, believe it or not, he almost became the latter:

"That's all they knew. My mom and dad are accordion teachers. That's how they met. They played for 50 years. They played in a band. I went to all the weddings and polkas you could go to and all the parties and dancing that you could imagine and I was supposed to be the heir apparent. And I guess I was good ... I got trophies and I was competing in contests."   


But seriously, we think he probably chose the right profession.  

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